Overcoming Natural Jealousy

Flirting for Fun


There are many couples where one person is a natural flirt, and it should be noted that this does not make them less committed in a relationship. A jealous partner might see it as a form of cheating, but that is seldom the truth. People who like to flirt have a sense of whimsy and fun, and they are not really interested in using their talent to pick up a date. It is a way for them to communicate with others in a non-serious way, and they are not doing it to make their partner jealous.

The issue of jealousy has wreaked havoc in many relationships, and flirting can be part of the problem. It should not be taken seriously unless a partner has previously strayed, so it should not be condemned when it occurs. For those who find it difficult to accept, professional help is a good first step to controlling the unwanted emotions that come with being jealous of a partner. Working with a counselor could help them see it is nothing more than a basic part of the other person’s lifestyle.

Flirting for fun has little to do with any relationship, and those who choose to flirt with someone outside the relationship are generally not interested in leaving their partner. They do it spontaneously, and many of them are unprepared for the emotional upheaval it can cause. Taking a step back at first might seem like a good idea, but the issue will continue to arise unless they find a way to resolve it with their partner.

There are times when the possessiveness or lack of self-esteem from a partner can inhibit a natural flirt from enjoying life. Being in a committed relationship is about both partners enjoying life, so stopping a partner from this type of activity can often been seen as a way of controlling their behavior.