Overcoming Natural Jealousy

Finding a Fresh Relationship


When a person has left a jealous partner, they often hesitate to commit to someone new. They are concerned the person will be as difficult as their former partner, so they avoid even a pretence that they are ready for a lasting relationship. For the person they are dating, it can be an issue that will cause them to move on. Other people are more likely to wait for their new partner to overcome their concerns, and they are the ones who reap the rewards of a good relationship that will last a lifetime.

For those who make the choice to be patient, it can be a long wait with few rewards. Their new partner must first overcome the concern they will become too possessive, and any wrong word or action can accelerate their need to leave. Building trust will take a lot longer for the couple, but their trust will be a more lasting one if they are willing to open their hearts to each other.

Staying in a relationship with a person who has been with a jealous partner is often difficult, and pursuing other goals and interests outside the relationship is a good coping mechanism. If they are not with their partner all the time, trust will develop naturally between them. It will enhance their relationship because they each have their own pursuits, and the trust they build will be real rather than enforced by physical proximity.

Finding a new relationship after a bad experience with a partner is not always easy, but it can be rewarding. For those who were with a jealous partner, finding one without possessive attributes is their reward for taking a leap of faith in finding someone new. Their partner will also reap the rewards of finding someone they can build a life with and have a successful future together.